Restaurant where to eat in Córdoba

Restaurant where to eat in Córdoba - Taberna Rafae

Our restaurant where to eat in Córdoba

If you are looking for a restaurant where to eat in Córdoba, surely you have in mind some of our best known dishes. The salmorejo and the oxtail stew are a standard in our kitchen, and let’s not forget the typical flamenco.

What makes up our restaurant?

Taberna Rafaé is located a few minutes from the Mosque Cathedral of Cordoba, receiving every day multiple Cordobesians and tourists who travel to our city.

In our restaurant, both regular customers and people passing by intermingle are always looking for a pleasant and lively environment where they can experience good emotions and the best flavours of our dishes.

These are the reasons why we say that Taberna Rafaé is the best option as a restaurant where to eat in Córdoba, and one of the perfect places to discover Cordoba’s hospitality.

Come and enjoy our city in the best way

In Taberna Rafaé we always bet with an innovative meal, served by our great professionals dedicated to honoring the thousands of tourists of our city, whith one of the most memorable world heritage.

Walk and enjoy our city, walk its streets taking it easy on the tour. We are waiting for you at Taberna Rafaé to come and enjoy the best delicacies from our city.

The teamwork and the attention of our staff make our restaurant a gastronomic reference for Cordoba and all its visitors.

Today our restaurant is considered a classic of Segovian cuisine. It is continuous and at the same time innovative in gastronomic richness.

Reserve a table with us

In our Taberna Rafaé restaurant, we have an extensive menu which reigns variety and the coexistance of traditional along with innovative and modern cuisine. In addition, you can try our best dishes with good prices without competition.

Enjoy our city in the best way, coming to visit Taberna Rafaé. If you are interested, you can make your reservation through our website.

If we have not convinced you yet, access our page on TripAdvisor, where our guests and their opinions will convince you.