Eat in the mosque of Cordoba

Eat in the mosque of Cordoba - Taberna Rafaé

Have you ever lived the best gastronomic experience in Córdoba?

Have you walked through the best preserved Jewish quarter in history?

Eat in the Mosque of Cordoba is a dream for everyone, I do not say it given the customers who visit us, because Cordoba has something, that something that catches you makes you travel in time, that something that, a whole captive world, that bewitches you, that something we call the elf of Cordoba and feel amazing sensations and things that you have never experienced before.

Because you are walking on the ground that centuries ago there were people from different cultures living together, as much as Cordoba is so rich in its simple streets that it became the most envied «melting pot» of the whole world, such was the most envied city that It became the capital of the world.

Hence, our Córdoba has the best Mediterranean cuisine, in Córdoba you can use the richness of various cultures together to unify typical dishes of each religion, making your kitchen a true jewel.

That is why at Taberna Rafaé we ​​offer these great dishes because it is tradition and we only want our clients to travel to the past, but with the best flavors from all over Córdoba.

In Taberna Rafaé we have thought of a great letter to Eat in the Mosque of Cordoba, as what is each of our clients, special, all customers are special, because every day we have customers, and all very equal at the beginning, but at the same time so different, that we also learn from them.

In Taberna Rafae we wait for you with a big smile, because it will be a pleasure to serve you while admiring our Mosque.

You can make your reservation through our website or simply call us: 957 29 90 08


Eat in the Córdoba Mosque has never been so simple